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Simple Ways to Lower Your Energy Costs

Oct-11-2014 By Barbara Zak
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The cost of energy has been steadily increasing and showing no signs of relief any time soon. We asked the electricians at Ruby Electrical to share some ideas about ways to lower energy costs. Specializing in energy efficient lighting, Ruby Electrical offers these tips to lowering energy costs by making changes to lighting.


English: Energy efficient LED lights strung in...

English: Energy efficient LED lights strung into a holiday decoration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Choose an energy efficient product. Sometimes choosing a more energy efficient light source is the easiest way to lower your costs. Whether you are light your home or your office space, changing your current lighting to LED lighting can save you more. Unlike incandescent or halogen lighting, LED lights shine bright without burning too hot. Additionally, the same amount of LED light can be produced using less energy than other inefficient types of lighting, which means lower costs for you.

2. Use timers to control when lights turn on or off. Another great way to save money on your energy bill is to use timed lights. Let your daily routine determine your lighting needs. With timed lighting, you don’t have to worry about whether you turned the lights off before leaving the house ever again. Simply set the timer to turn off the lights 5 minutes after you leave. You can also set up the timer to automatically turn on outdoor lighting at night and shut them off in the morning. Adding timers to your office lights allow you to control when the lights of your business are on and off. Set the timer to turn on lights 10 minutes before you open and shut off 10 minutes after closing. You have enough to worry about without having to think about your lighting. Automating your lighting needs will take a load off your mind and keep more money in your bank account.


3. Use motion sensor lighting. Consider how often lights are left on when no one is using the space. Avoid wasting energy unnecessarily and switch to motion sensor lighting. Motion sensor lights turn on only when movement is detecting, so as long as someone is not sitting perfectly still in a room, the lights will remain on. When someone leaves the room, the lights will automatically shut off if no movement is detected after a predetermined amount of time. Motion sensor lighting is especially useful in an office setting when you or your colleagues frequently leave an office light on because you are expecting to be back right away. With motion sensor lighting, if your short trip to break room ends up taking longer than you expected, the lights will shut off before you waste too much valuable energy.

If any of these solutions seem like something you would like to try in your home or office, contact an electrician for a consultation. Ruby Electrical serves the Gold Coast areas of Coolangatta, Robina, and Tweed Heads. Whether you need to shop fittings on the Gold Coast for your home or schedule an office fit out for your business, the professional electricians are available to help you find the right products and styles to fit your needs and lifestyle. Visit rubyelectrical.com.au for more information and to schedule your consultation.

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Growing plants indoors can be a lot of fun, and it enables people with no land to grow their favorite flower or plant. Traditionally, it has been the fluorescent light bulb that has been the choice for indoor growing, but the lights made with light emitting diodes offer several advantages.

Photograph of a Fluorescent tube light reflect...

Photograph of a Fluorescent tube light reflected in a CD, showing distinct bands of colour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They are safer to use than fluorescent bulbs
Fluorescent bulbs utilize mercury inside of a vacuum. When one of these bulbs breaks, you must be careful not to inhale the vapor. Mercury vapor is poisonous. You also need to be concerned about the vapors when you are disposing of the bad tubes. Even when they break, when throwing them inside a dumpster, the fumes can still be inhaled accidentally. LED lights have no chemicals to be concerned about.

They operate using less electricity
An LED light will cost less than a fluorescent bulb, and if you are using several of them, this can represent a significant savings on your electric bill.

The cost of ownership is lower
Although LED lights cost more money, they last longer than fluorescent bulbs. The cost per hour of usage is lower than with fluorescent lighting.

They are quiet when operating
When using fluorescent bulbs, the ballast inside the lamp will often create an irritating buzzing noise. LED lights are quiet. You never notice they are in operation.

LED grow lights for your indoor plants are available in panels. They can be purchased from several companies online and delivered right to your door. Dorm Grow is one example of an LED panel lighting company.

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The Mystery of Genetic History

Jul-11-2014 By Barbara Zak
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The Mystery of Genetic History
Presented By HomeDNA

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