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Solar panel systems are getting more popular in the Brisbane area. Solar panels are affordable, better for the Earth and they make society less dependent on traditional sources of energy. But don’t forget that these systems need regular care. Are you unsure about cleaning them? Cleaning too often wastes money but not doing it often enough could reduce efficiency. Fortunately there are professional solar panel cleaners in Brisbane who know what to do and here are three reasons why you should hire an expert to clean your solar panels with proficiency and care:

1. Clean at the right time
Certain seasons cause more dirt to be deposited, but that’s not the only way to judge when to do a cleaning. Brisbane solar panel cleaning experts will know when your panels need to be cleaned so the system works efficiently. Avoid cleaning too often, as that simply wastes money.

2. No one wants to create further repair jobs
Panels that are properly maintained won’t have to be fixed. Avoid having a layperson try to do the cleaning because the system is made up of delicate parts that could be damaged. Solar panel experts know how to handle the job and you won’t have to worry about repair costs.

3. Safety comes first
Cleaning the panels means using a ladder and working on the roof. Since that can be very dangerous if not done correctly, you must hire a professional who has been trained to do the work.
If taken care of properly, solar panels don’t need to be worked on that often to provide energy for your home. Don’t forget to get cleanings done on a regular basis.
Solar panel owners rely on Solar Service Guys for efficient, reliable and professional standard solar cleaning for Brisbane homes.



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Shining New Lights on Solar Energy

Feb-17-2015 By Barbara Zak
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Since the energy crisis of the 1970s, scientists and researchers have spent a great deal of time and money looking for alternatives to fossil fuels. Additionally, a host of environmentalist groups have demanded these alternatives be eco-sensitive, serving as clean and renewable energy sources.

To many, solar power is one of the most desirable of all energy sources. The sun shines and strikes Earth whether its energy is used or not, so simply capturing its potential doesn’t add any environmental burden. Moreover, there are ways to use solar energy that prevent any harmful emissions or other environmental issues.

The core focus on using solar energy was initially on the solar, or photovoltaic, cell. Developed for use in space vehicles, the solar cell was adapted quickly to solar panels for use in the home and other applications. The solar panels installed on the roofs of homes are simply arrays of hundreds of these solar cells, and they create a flow of direct current. This electricity is then sent through an inverter, and it enters the home as regular AC electricity. The entire process serves to eliminate the use of electricity generated by the utilities, such as Columbia Utilities and other local utilities throughout the nation.

Increasing Efficiency

The main drawback to the growth in the use of solar energy is the initial cost of installation and ongoing upkeep of the systems. The goal is to have systems that generate a rapid payback and provide ongoing savings by providing sufficient energy in the home or other applications.
The focus on research to achieve this objective is on two areas. First, scientists are trying to improve the efficiency of the solar cell itself. The degree to which the cell converts the energy in the sun’s rays is the measure of its efficiency. While that rate has increased from roughly eight 8 percent in the first cells to 18 to 20 percent today, there are experimental cells that achieve a 40 percent efficiency rating. The more efficient a cell, the fewer needed to provide the desired level of electricity, and the cheaper a total installation.

The second focus of those who wish to see more use of solar energy in the home is on the way the cells and panels are used. Since more than 50 percent of the cost of an initial installation is related to costs other than the cells themselves, this is where a lot of the savings are coming. New approaches such as thin-cell panels and flexible cells allow a different way to use solar in the home. These products can be incorporated into roofing materials and easily installed, producing significant savings.

As science continues to make solar power more affordable and efficient, it will become even more popular as a source of energy for homeowners.


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There are not a lot of people who understand meditation. Meditation is a non-intrusive type of healing therapy. This therapy uses energy and focus to treat emotional and physical issues. People who practice meditation see improvements in their balance and completeness of their spirit, body and mind. If you are not certain about what meditation is or how it can enhance your life, here are three reasons meditation should be a part of your healthy living routine.

Sharpens Focus

Meditation was designed to help us improve our ability to focus. Meditation’s pure energy allows us to sharpen our focus. It is far too common for us to spend our days concentrating on many tasks simultaneously. Our minds are often cluttered with thoughts of work, school or future obligations. When our attention is divided amongst many things, our productivity levels decrease and we are not able to fully live in the moment. Meditation in Canberra helps us improve our ability to focus.

Alleviates Tension and Stress

Meditation allows you to enjoy a deep form of relaxation that lets your body relieve itself of stress and tension. Meditation allows you to let go of the excess baggage that is accumulated during the day, allowing you to feel a sense of calm and relaxation for a few minutes every day. These few moments can be carried into other aspects of your life.

Facilitates the Body’s Natural Healing Ability

The human body has the amazing natural healing abilities. However, the daily stress we face and unhealthy foods we eat tend to destroy our body’s natural healing capabilities, preventing the body from existing in a healthy state. Meditation reignites the body’s natural healing processes. The therapy helps us to feel our absolute best during the day.

Meditation is not based on magic or a host of empty promises. It has existed for thousands of years and used to support a holistic healthcare regiment. Meditation heals without using intrusive medical procedures or drugs. This type of therapy is great for relieving stress, depression and eliminating toxins form the body. Many people who are interested in mindfulness and meditation with Canberra professionals go to The Inside Out Effect to learn more about their classes, workshops and other offerings.

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