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Proper handling of waste packaging material can be more costly than most businesses realize. When a company generates large amounts of cardboard and plastic waste during the course of its operations, it soon becomes apparent that merely wadding it up and stuffing it into a dustbin will not do the job.

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QCR Recycling Equipment is one of several companies offering specially designed waste balers that compact unwanted packaging material into a more manageable size. Typically, a baling machine can reduce the bulk of waste by up to 90 percent, while a compactor can reduce it by up to 75 percent.

Businessesvary in size, and it is important to select a waste baler or compacter of the right size. A too-small baler will become overused very quickly, while one that is too large is a waste of space and money.

Speaking of money, many smaller companies, especially those just starting up, may not be in a position to invest in recycling machinery. In this case, it is possible to rent or lease a baler or compactor for as little as ?12 per week, a very affordable amount. Many companies also offer affordable financing plans for those businesses interesting in purchasing their own equipment.

Ultimately, recycling waste properly is beneficial for the environment. A company dedicated to protecting the environment benefits from doing good on all levels.

Recycling Benefits

Mar-6-2015 By Barbara Zak

When you think about recycling, you might think about collecting cans or papers and taking them to a center so that they can be turned into something else. While this is what recycling involves, there are some other benefits to think about.

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Recycling will help decrease the debris that is found in the oceans. When there are plastics and other items in the oceans, the animals that live in the water can get hurt or become entangled in the items. You will also play a part in sending less waste to landfills when you recycle.

Almost anything that can be used for something else can be recycled. You can even recycle food that isn’t consumed by making a compost. This compost can be used to fertilize a garden so that it will grow and give you healthy foods to eat.

Instead of using trees and other natural resources for paper and other items on a daily basis, recycled materials can be used to make these. This will help keep the beauty of the land as it is intended so that others can see it in the future. The emission of greenhouse gases is also reduced, making the atmosphere a little healthier to breathe.




Benefits of the Recycling Industry

Jun-11-2014 By Barbara Zak

In an age of environmental pollution, people feel the individual responsibility to somehow make a positive impact. Recycling is a great habit that can be very effective at improving the environment when there is a collective effort involved. Every household should recycle paper and plastic regularly. These materials are usually picked up by municipalities that also offer trash pickup.


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However, electronics should not be thrown away into garbage containers or recycling bins that contain plastic or aluminum. Consumer electronic products should ideally be recycled at local facilities that handle hazardous wastes. Batteries fall into the category of dangerous materials that should be disposed carefully. The acid inside some battery packs can be very harmful when allowed to leak out. Additionally, batteries also contain explosive hazards that could ignite fires. Small alkaline batteries and other types such as lithium ion should all be thrown away at municipal recycling centers.

There are plenty of other reasons for properly recycling electronics. For example, some equipment may emit signals that are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Such signals might interfere with a local telecommunication infrastructure. Antenna and other transmitters that send out electromagnetic waves should be properly disassembled and then recycled.

Metal recycling is another key issue in the modern fight for environmental conservation. All types of scrap metals can be easily sold to recycling companies that accept ferrous and non ferrous materials. Iron and some other metals are easily sorted by using large electromagnets. After all, iron is the most magnetic metal element on earth. Recycling companies easily sort ferrous and non ferrous metals with powerful magnets. After the sorting process, it is time to melt down metal alloys into their raw elements. Thermodynamic processes are applied in order to cast metallic elements into different shapes such as bars. These pieces could then be sold back to the industrial market for manufacturing. Sims metal redwood city and other businesses are examples of enterprises that offer jobs in the recycling industries of North America.

Vehicles and other large machines can be completely recycled. Such a practice is much better than storing loads of broken vehicles in junk yards or auto salvage lots. The average car or truck contains a significant amount of metals that could be recycled and put back into the market. It may be more profitable to sell certain used auto parts to recycling companies rather than to drivers seeking replacement parts.