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Enjoy today’s guest post written by Charles Jones

new earth products for great health and increased wealthIn the 1980s, well ahead of its time, a company was launched.

A seemingly humble company that would spark a revolution.

A dramatic paradigm shift of ideas designed to create better health, and, in one case potential wealth.

But let’s start by taking a close look at your answer to these critical questions:

o Do you or did you really listen to the adage “eat your greens?”

o What about your fruits?

o The essentials necessary not just to fill you up, but keep you healthy?

Too many didn’t and, to this day too many don’t.

It’s obvious that the downside to those who didn’t practice vigilance in the face of poor meal choices was the emerging trend of numerous fast-food joints and the acceleration of obesity. Even the New York Times was quoted in March of 2009 stating that “the American diet needs an overhaul.”

I don’t think you’d disagree with that statement. Everywhere we turn (perhaps even looking into our own mirror) we see the affects of poor choices.

Yet there was and remains an upside. More and more people began taking a hard look at what they were eating and where it came from.

So this health-conscious revolution continues to build as people make better choices. This particularly applies to taking a hard look at the types and amounts of preservatives, fillers, and unhealthy additives they potentially consume.

The health movement is growing exponentially.

People from all walks of life and financial status; single, married, moms, dads, and yes even kids; are reading labels. Granted there is so much “stuff” thrown in (and put into teeny-tiny words underneath that food label chart), that if you’re like me, you can’t pronounce let alone know what half of those terms really mean.

Singling Out Supplements

Let’s hop in our cars or pull out our bikes or put on our sneakers for a virtual moment and take a trip. Our destination… wherever we normally shop.

Walk down any pharmacy-like aisle at a grocery chain, a big box store, and even your local “natural” food shop and you’re sure to find an overwhelming amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc., to choose from.

But are they really natural? Truly pure? And better yet… How would you know?

The sad fact is labels are not written clearly enough for the average person to separate natural supplements from man-made imitations. Which means most people have no idea that the bright shiny label is really a disguise for synthetically-produced supplements. The man-made variety includes plenty of fillers, some more questionable than others (you might not even know that, yes, there could be coal tar or even wood pulp in that bottle).

The critical factor at play here, the essential piece of knowledge you can’t ignore, is the potentially severe lack of phytonutrients in synthetically manufactured supplements.

Why are these missing phytonutrients such a problem?

Simply put, without them your body resists absorption. So while you think you’re doing good things for your health, in reality it’s sort of a “water down the drain” situation. If what you’re taking isn’t synthesized into your body, what’s the point of buying?

Enzymes, co-enyzmes, and phtonutrients (also known as co-factors) must exist in abundant quantity within the human body to attain and maintain good health. Yet it’s also true that no single vitamin occurs randomly as a standalone factor anywhere in nature.

For example, let’s consider the carrot.

Carrots are often recommended due to the amount of beta carotene they store. It’s true that they do, but as we know from above, would eating just carrots be enough?

That’s why it’s so important to consider other sources. Ask yourself if there exists an even better way to ingest high enough quantities of just this single essential nutrient. Is there another source that provides enhanced levels to achieve substantial, and safe, amounts of this auto-immune supporting nutrient?

The answer is yes. That’s where the surprisingly simple algae takes up the slack.

Mom Says… Eat Your Algae

Now I’m not talking about the slime in a swimming pool or the gunk found on the beach. What I am referring to is what’s known as blue-green algae.

Its power comes from the fact that blue-green algae is packed full of:

o Essential amino acids
o Vitamin A
o Vitamin B in complex form, and
o Vitamin E.

Another often little-known fact is that blue-green algae has more beta-carotene than carrots (sorry mom).

Looking at the list above it’s easy to quickly see how many supplements you could eliminate and replace simply by adding blue-green algae to your diet.

But Beware Not All Blue-Green Algae is Pure and Safe

At this point you may be thinking that just any form of blue-green algae could be added to your daily regimen. But, sadly, you’d be wrong.

By itself, without careful production, blue-green algae has been shown to absorb heavy metals in nature. So running out to your local natural-or-not food store and grabbing a bottle off the shelf without close inspection shouldn’t be your first priority.

What must top your list is a thorough check into the production of not only blue-green algae but all your supplements to ensure they are safe for human-consumption.

Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Whether you’re part of the aging population or a new family just starting out, life’s priorities remain the same: Maintaining good health and ensuring a solid financial future.

And remarkably, here’s a way to do both.

One algae to rule them all.


Charles Jones is a very goal oriented, business minded, hard working guy who loves spending time with family and friends. If you share his vision – a healthy lifestyle and being financially free – he’d love to share it with you!

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