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Growing plants indoors can be a lot of fun, and it enables people with no land to grow their favorite flower or plant. Traditionally, it has been the fluorescent light bulb that has been the choice for indoor growing, but the lights made with light emitting diodes offer several advantages.

Photograph of a Fluorescent tube light reflect...

Photograph of a Fluorescent tube light reflected in a CD, showing distinct bands of colour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They are safer to use than fluorescent bulbs
Fluorescent bulbs utilize mercury inside of a vacuum. When one of these bulbs breaks, you must be careful not to inhale the vapor. Mercury vapor is poisonous. You also need to be concerned about the vapors when you are disposing of the bad tubes. Even when they break, when throwing them inside a dumpster, the fumes can still be inhaled accidentally. LED lights have no chemicals to be concerned about.

They operate using less electricity
An LED light will cost less than a fluorescent bulb, and if you are using several of them, this can represent a significant savings on your electric bill.

The cost of ownership is lower
Although LED lights cost more money, they last longer than fluorescent bulbs. The cost per hour of usage is lower than with fluorescent lighting.

They are quiet when operating
When using fluorescent bulbs, the ballast inside the lamp will often create an irritating buzzing noise. LED lights are quiet. You never notice they are in operation.

LED grow lights for your indoor plants are available in panels. They can be purchased from several companies online and delivered right to your door. Dorm Grow is one example of an LED panel lighting company.

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Buying a Fence to Suit All of Your Needs

Jun-29-2014 By Barbara Zak
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Fort McMurray, Alberta Location

Fort McMurray, Alberta Location (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fences are a useful tool when you want to indicate where your land starts or ends or if you need to keep animals off of your yard. If you have a garden, you don’t want to deal with deer eating your flowers or other animals eating the fruits or vegetables that you have raised to feed your family.

Those who are having a party may want to talk to a fence rentals Fort McMurray company about the cost of having a temporary fence erected. A fence can keep guests in one place, cut down on noise and make it easier to keep any mess associated with the event contained.

A fence sales Edmonton specialist will be able to tell you more about how much it would cost to buy a fence that meets your needs and your budget. It may also be possible to learn how much it would cost to have a fence installed if you don’t want to put it in yourself or are not physically able to do so.

Fences make it harder for people or animals to invade your property when you are not able to defend your property. Talking to a fence salesman may be able to help you find the fence that you need for a price that you can afford to pay.

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Benefits of the Recycling Industry

Jun-11-2014 By Barbara Zak
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In an age of environmental pollution, people feel the individual responsibility to somehow make a positive impact. Recycling is a great habit that can be very effective at improving the environment when there is a collective effort involved. Every household should recycle paper and plastic regularly. These materials are usually picked up by municipalities that also offer trash pickup.


U.S. Navy color chart. Ferrous and non-ferrous...

U.S. Navy color chart. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals – NARA – 535409 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, electronics should not be thrown away into garbage containers or recycling bins that contain plastic or aluminum. Consumer electronic products should ideally be recycled at local facilities that handle hazardous wastes. Batteries fall into the category of dangerous materials that should be disposed carefully. The acid inside some battery packs can be very harmful when allowed to leak out. Additionally, batteries also contain explosive hazards that could ignite fires. Small alkaline batteries and other types such as lithium ion should all be thrown away at municipal recycling centers.

There are plenty of other reasons for properly recycling electronics. For example, some equipment may emit signals that are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Such signals might interfere with a local telecommunication infrastructure. Antenna and other transmitters that send out electromagnetic waves should be properly disassembled and then recycled.

Metal recycling is another key issue in the modern fight for environmental conservation. All types of scrap metals can be easily sold to recycling companies that accept ferrous and non ferrous materials. Iron and some other metals are easily sorted by using large electromagnets. After all, iron is the most magnetic metal element on earth. Recycling companies easily sort ferrous and non ferrous metals with powerful magnets. After the sorting process, it is time to melt down metal alloys into their raw elements. Thermodynamic processes are applied in order to cast metallic elements into different shapes such as bars. These pieces could then be sold back to the industrial market for manufacturing. Sims metal redwood city and other businesses are examples of enterprises that offer jobs in the recycling industries of North America.

Vehicles and other large machines can be completely recycled. Such a practice is much better than storing loads of broken vehicles in junk yards or auto salvage lots. The average car or truck contains a significant amount of metals that could be recycled and put back into the market. It may be more profitable to sell certain used auto parts to recycling companies rather than to drivers seeking replacement parts.


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