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Finding the Best Electricity Provider

Feb-13-2014 By Barbara Zak
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Ohio electricity was deregulated in 1997; allowing Ohio citizens multiple choices of electricity providers. However, after almost two decades, it still isn’t particularly easy for residents to understand the deregulated energy market; it remains complex and complicated.

Seal of the United States Department of Energy.

Seal of the United States Department of Energy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lower electric bills, obviously, is the primary goal of most Ohio residents when shopping around for a new electricity provider, but lowering the electricity bill involves more than choosing a company with lower supply and delivery rates.
Low rates are important, of course, but more important in the long run is working with an energy company that understands the deregulated market, and that has the expertise to help you identify energy wasters. Making your home more energy-efficient is the key to long-term, lifelong savings, no matter what company provides your electricity.

Look for a company that offers years of experience advising consumers about strategies that save energy and money, and a company that offers budgetary plans that fit your home’s energy needs. Seek out energy companies focused as much on customer service and finding affordable energy solutions for your home as they are on keeping rates competitive.

Clearly, choosing a company based on low rates alone isn’t enough. Electricity, like all energy industries, is subject to fluctuating prices due to supply and demand. Guard against unpredictable energy costs and choose a company that provides competitive pricing along with energy audits and sound advice.


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4 Easy Green Living Projects To Do

Jan-28-2014 By Barbara Zak
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No one wants to harm the environment, but if you lack the time, energy or budget to completely remodel your home with solar power and energy-efficient appliances, it’s easy not to care about green living. But what if starting a more eco-friendly home was easier than you thought? Here are four little ways you can begin your journey to protect the Earth.

A modern solar cell

A modern solar cell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1: Use Less Water

A single dripping faucet can waste an ocean of water. A long shower, instead of a simple bath, will use literally hundreds of gallons that could have otherwise been saved. You don’t even want to know how much water you waste with a dishwasher.

2: Install Tubular Skylights

Save on your electric bill by welcoming bright, natural light into all those nooks and crannies in your home. Click here to learn more about tubular skylights and how they can put you on a path to greener living.

3: Start Your Own Garden

If you have a patch of land and a little free time, you can grow your own vegetables and reduce your reliance on chemically-treated crops. This, in turn, will slow some of the demand for pesticide and make a small but meaningful impact on the farming industry.

4: Install Photovoltaic Panels

If you’re interested in solar power but don’t yet want to commit to a complete overhaul, consider installing just a few photovoltaic panels on your roof. They’ll give you a taste of clean, natural energy for a fraction of the price.

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Construction Goes Green

Jan-21-2014 By Barbara Zak
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“Going Green” is one of the most important interests of the public today.  Preserving the ecology, protecting the environment, and taking care of the planet are activities that have gained interest. The development of “safe” substances and the recycling of other products have gained popularity. As our country grows and more and more construction becomes necessary, our government has strengthened regulations regarding construction materials. Therefore, construction contractors must be ever vigilant to locate new and better materials.

Spray foam technician seals cracks in basement...

Spray foam technician seals cracks in basement headers using Walltite Eco (Photo credit: Roberrific)

Health problems related to the use of lead-based paint have prompted the development of water-based paints that have shown no apparent danger.  Imported drywall that emitted sulfur gas into homes was outlaws, removed, and replaced with safer, domestic drywall.  Asbestos which seemed an excellent idea at its conception, proved to be dangerous to those who worked with it and those who lived in structures containing the product.

Alternative solutions currently being used for insulation are blown-in substances such as recycled newspaper or Eco Spray Foam polyurethane, and rolled-in products such as fiberglass.  These materials are currently being used with the hope that no harmful effects will result. The production and use of materials that are not harmful to the environment or the people will help to sustain our planet and preserve its beauty for future generations.

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