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Clean and Odor Free Air

May-15-2013 By Barbara Zak

Odor Free is a small machine that is capable of cleaning the air inside homes and making the breathable air indoors healthful for residents. The machine is an ozone generator. Attacking all bad and toxic odors, Odor Free finds the source of odors and eliminates them totally.

English: Ozone molecular electrical potential ...

English: Ozone molecular electrical potential surface 3D-vdW (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Types of Bad Odors

The ozone generator will eliminate bad odors like smoke, mold and mildew, food and pet smells. Homes, cars, boats and other indoor places can experience growing and overpowering smells of various types from numerous causes. For instance, the more a smoker smokes in an enclosed room or car, the more the walls and furniture as well as the carpet absorb the smoke.

How Important is Clean Air?

More and more people are ending up in the hospital or are contracting deadly illnesses because of the air that they have breathed. Air that has a high concentration of an odor like mold may make someone ill after just a short time, but often the bad odor does not seem very bad. Time continues, and gradually the body’s immune system weakens in its fight against the toxic particles in the air. Clean air is vital to the health of people and pets, and it is important for those who are in the realty business. Those looking to rent or purchase homes are aware of odors and look for them in homes they might rent or buy. Odor Free is the ozone generator to the rescue that creates clean air by completely eradicating unhealthful odors.

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