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General Kinematics

Feb-26-2013 By Barbara Zak

For more than 40 years, General Kinematics equipment solutions, has pioneered the application of vibratory separation through products such as their FINGER-SCREEN™ and DE-STONER® Air Classifier, both which efficiently sort and separate recyclables using low energy and low labor requirements.

English: A schematic of a sorting machine for ...

English: A schematic of a sorting machine for domestic waste, based on an image in the book “Energie en grondstoffen in de toekomst” by Robbin Kerrod. The machine can be used in countries where non-organicly degradable, unsorted (at the source) domestic waste is placed in trash bags and picked up by the local garbage men. Permission was granted by Robin Kerrod for the use of the image. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

General Kinematics can help you get started in efficiently recovering recyclable materials through their proven vibratory, mechanical, optical, and manual sorting systems.  Their equipment is superior and is designed to quickly divert valuable material from waste. GK is available around the world, so no matter which markets your company serves, they can provide the highest level of support and know-how available.

GK uses the latest technology combined with the most knowledgeable applications and technical engineers in the industry to create new products and solutions for solving your processing issues. They also  design complete systems for material recovery, or they will work with your system provider to supply their proven vibratory sorting solutions to best increase your sorting efficiency.

You may be asking-  What do you do once you collect all this material?

As more and more counties, cities, corporations, and individuals are finding the value in the collection and recovery of renewable resources through recycling, new processing and environmental challenges emerge. General Kinematics, is uniquely positioned to help you create new solutions to solve the most difficult processing problems, and increase your overall recovery rate and profits.

There is no need to look any further than GK Recycling, for the best in recycling recovery equipment. General Kinematics, combines innovative technologies with the production process insight and creativity to deliver engineered solutions that enhance your production processes. They strive to  provide their customers a competitive advantage. You can be assured that, General Kinematics has the expertise and knowledge to respond to your objectives for efficient, dependable processing packages, and for processing bulk materials. GK solutions takes pride in the fact that they can heat, cool, coat, convey, feed, elevate, agglomerate, grind, and so much more.  Best of all, they can do all of this while reducing energy consumption, maintenance, and downtime for their customers.

Look to General Kinematics for all your vibrating equipment and machinery.  They offer the best there is in Foundry equipment, Recycling equipment, Mining equipment, Bulk Processing equipment, and Part and Services.  They take pride in helping you turn your investments into profits, while offering you superior quality products. They are working toward creating many more green tomorrows for everyone.


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