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Where We Rank in Solar Power

Jan-7-2012 By Barbara Zak

Where We Rank In Solar Power

The blog entitled 1bog, stands for One Block off the Grid.  I wanted to pass along their new infographic: The Top Ten Countries Using Solar. The graphic explores the rapid growth of the solar power market in Europe, and how we here in the U.S., rank and measure up.

To view this graphic as a full page visit this link. Infographic: The Top Ten Countries Using Solar .

Where We Rank in Solar Power- Germany is the leader

According to this graphic, Germany has set the pace in solar power growth since 2010.  They continue to attract investors with remarkable low prices, and a feed-in tariff, that has allowed for price certainty and long term contracts.  They are now in the best position in Europe, to consider self consumption,  making a smooth transition and integration of solar systems into the grid.

Where We Rank- 7th in Solar Power

Here in the U.S. the solar power market is poised for rapid growth. However, we rank seventh on the global scale. The rising cost of electricity, along with a high level of insulation (meaning how much sunshine we get) has consumers looking to the sun for economic answers.  California, dominates the U.S. solar power market, with 60% of all installations. They also boast a very good school, called Boots on the Roof.  In a prior post of mine, Put Your Green Boots on the Roof, I spoke of how the school offers top notch, training and certification in solar installations.

In recent news, a California based company called Wagan Tech, is making available solar power generators available for in home installation, and at great prices.  As for where we rank in solar power, it could be better.  But, we have planned projects, that represent strong future growth, and a consumer market that is looking to green up with solar power.  We are working toward a better tomorrow and a brighter and greener future.

  1. GraySpirit Said,

    I like the idea of using more solar where we can. But living abroad, I’ve discovered that the best way of reducing my energy consumption is to make major changes in my American lifestyle.

  2. Barbara Said,

    @ Gray Spirit,

    Amen to that! What an eye-opener to making major changes to our American
    lifestyle. Perhaps, that is more of what many of us need to do, is visit other cultures
    and observe what they don’t have, to help us determine what we so often waste! :)

  3. Lalitha Brahma Said,

    Hi Barbara

    Hope you are doing well. Thanks for sharing great information, especially about Boots On the Roof.

    Belated wishes for a very happy, healthy and peaceful Year 2012.


  4. Barbara Said,

    @ Lalitha Brahma,

    Nice to hear from you. Hope all is well, and you enjoy a fruitful and prosperous
    New Year. I’m glad you enjoyed the Boots on the Roof info! :)

  5. Same Day printing Said,

    Gas prices are bound to increase , I think will never come below $4. Only solar power is the guaranteed clean,affordable ,low prices alternative option.Only problem is it is not available at all time, Can we build a system that can be placed above the clouds and supply us the solar energy on the ground continuously? Any thoughts?

  6. Barbara Said,

    @Same Day printing,

    I do agree with you on the topic of gas prices. Please refer to this post http://www.goalforthegreen.com/2012/02/can-we-store-energy-for-later-use/#.T3ZTfdm4KSo in regards to what we are working on here for storing energy for later use. Here in Washington, we often have an excess of hydroelectric power and wind. As for solar power, there are getting to be more and more do it yourself and save money installation options. However, when it comes to transportation, well, all the companies that are currently reaping record profits, no matter how the consumers are hurting, will continue to profit, because they have made sure that they have positioned themselves to stay on top of the supply chain, no matter what alternative we come up with!