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And The Winner Is

Jun-13-2011 By Barbara Zak

Congratulations, goes to Theresa Cahill!  She is the winner of the GET- Green Earth Technologies, 5 qt. bottle of G-OIL give-away, for her next oil change.

All, is not lost if you hurry on over to Walmart, or any of the stores listed on my rebate post, below.  Click here, to print your 50% off rebate.  Do it today, because the rebate expires tomorrow!

Then, be sure to fill out the rebate form in full, and send it along with the bottle’s UPC and store receipt, to the address printed on the form. GET will send a check in 6-10 weeks. In order for the rebate to be valid, you must use the link provided. Only one per person, please. Hurry offer expires on 6-14, 2011. You must have your rebate postmarked by July 12, 2011.

This is a great deal.  The 5qt, bottle is regular retail at $26.  That is why I’m saying, HURRY and get your half off bottle, for your next oil change today!

Make it green, and make it G-OIL!

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  1. Theresa Said,

    Thank you Barbara! It’s fun to be a winner and the green oil arrived amazingly fast! I’ll be waiting just a bit to give it a test since I JUST got my oil changed LOL! If I’d only known…

    Go green!

  2. Barbara Said,

    @ Theresa,

    You, are very welcome. They will be very pleased, at how fast you got your G-OIL!
    So, I hope to hear back from you down the road, when you get to try it. :)

  3. suntradeshop Said,

    .I guess sometimes people hit it right off.

  4. Barbara Said,

    @ suntradeshop,

    Sometimes, that is the case.