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When Black is Really Green!

Mar-25-2010 By Barbara Zak
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It all began 3 years ago, when the first Earth Hour, was observed world wide in March, 2007. Each year since then, more than 80 countries, many global landmarks, and major cities, fall into a dark abyss, from 8:30 -9:30 P.M.

The Earth Hour Event, is not just about turning off your lights for one hour.  Rather, it is an event that shows concern, against global warming and climate change.

It is estimated that in 2009, as many as one billion people, may have participated in the event. Last year in Toronto, Canada, the electricity demand, for just that one hour, fell 15% below usual demand, and 7% below their Earth Hour, in 2008.

Why participate?

Earth Hour is intended to be a call to Action, to show support for our future, and the future of our planet.

In doing so, we can join together to create a sustainable future for Mother Earth, and for future generations, simply by electricity saved.  If you haven’t gone “green”, it is the one simple thing you can do, that can really make a difference, in the carbon footprint of our planet.  It’s the one time when black, really is “green”.

Show your support this Saturday evening March 27th, from
8:30 to 9:30 P.M.  Lights out, and working towards many better tomorrows, for our planet, and  future generations to come!

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