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It’s My 2nd Blog-A-Versary!

Mar-20-2010 By Barbara Zak


Congratulations, to my two winners of the EconoGreen trash bags, for my 2nd blog-a-versary contest.  They are Linda, of Forced Green , and Theresa of Online Internet Marketing Strategies.  Do yourself a favor, and stop by these two wonderful blogs!

Special thanks, also to all who commented and offered Congrats!  :)


I’ve been having such a good time blogging, that it’s hard to believe, I’ve been doing it for 2 years now.  I owe my success to you, my audience, for your loyalty and following of the content here!  You deserve my sincere Thanks!

EconoGreen has found the answer, and the right price to help our wallets, and the environment.  Their products are certified, to help you know you are making the right choice.  They have those wonderful, oxodegradable and 100% recyclable, trash bags that were just launched last month.


So, to celebrate my blog-a-versary, I am having a contest, where you can win some EconoGreen,  trash bags, and give them a try.  You will feel really good knowing that, these trash bags will biodegrade in the landfill.

To enter here is what you need to do:

Visit the EconoGreen site, and click on the product tab.  Chose the size of bag you would like to try.

Then  to enter just twitter:   It’s  http://goalforthegreen.com/ 2nd blog-a-versary!   Enter to win “EconoGreen” trash bags.  Or use the Retweet button above.

Please be sure to leave me a comment in the comment box, about what size bags  you have chosen so, I know which bags to send you, if you are chosen a winner.

Please  also, be sure to leave your twitter information, and a valid e-mail address, for notification in the comment box.

There will be two lucky winners, in celebration of my 2 years blogging.

The contest ends at midnight, Friday, March 19, 2010!   This contest is only open to U.S. and Canadian citizens.   The winner will have 48 hours to respond, and will be randomly chosen.

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  1. joy Said,

    happy 2nd blog-A-versary! More happy years to your blog.
    .-= joy´s last blog ..It Rained ! =-.

  2. Linda Said,

    done! Pls enter me into your contest! Good job in finding this one!

  3. westwood Said,

    I would like bags. However, I would not like to sell mmy soul to twitter. So I guess I’m SOL.
    .-= westwood´s last blog ..Thus spoke… Camus =-.

  4. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Linda,

    Good luck to you!! I need to know what size bags you would like, if you are a winner, so come on by and retweet!! :)

  5. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Joy,

    Thanks for coming by and commenting! :)

  6. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ westwood,

    Sorry about that. The bags are available, at Home Depot stores, and by now, are readily available in most stores nationwide, and at very reasonable prices. You can also visit online, at the link provided in the post, and purchase without having to leave home! :)

  7. Theresa Cahill Said,

    I would love the Tall Kitchen trash bags should I win. I retweeted (and added “Contest Giveaway” to my tweet) plus I also Stumbled you at stumbleupon.

    Sucking up never hurt LOL! Just kidding, this is a great contest and HAPPY BLOG-A-VERSARY!
    .-= Theresa Cahill´s last blog ..Branding Personal Or Other Wise With Gravatars =-.

  8. Sheila Sultani Said,

    Congratulations – 2 years is quite an accomplishment.
    .-= Sheila Sultani´s last blog ..Looking For Work? Huge Employment Opportunity – Hiring 40,000 =-.

  9. p Said,

    Happy ‘versary :)

  10. VanillaSeven Said,

    Happy 2nd Blogversary to you! More good years to come!
    .-= VanillaSeven´s last blog ..A Night at Melaka Part 3 =-.

  11. Smokey and I Said,

    Congrates on blogaversary twice
    we are 2 months and counting

  12. Silvergirl Said,

    Wish to join the giveaway but Im not from US and Canada :P
    .-= Silvergirl´s last blog ..Putting Love (Not Sex) Back in your Marriage =-.

  13. Auntie E Said,

    sorry I can not seem to tweet you. I will continue to try. Really do not understand the tweet meme things. giving someone else access to change my account does not seem like a good idea to me.
    I like the tall kitchen bags. We are going green in my home, so these would be a prefect addition. Would love to try them. Happy 2nd anniversary.
    .-= Auntie E´s last blog ..Maxine on Saturday- New Doctor Service? =-.

  14. Auntie E Said,

    Oh well, maybe some other time. do not think I want to join the Tweet Meme thing.
    .-= Auntie E´s last blog ..Maxine on Saturday- New Doctor Service? =-.

  15. Chin chin Said,

    Congratulations on your 2nd year. More blessings to your blogging.
    .-= Chin chin´s last blog ..About Blogging: What Content Should I Publish? (Part 3) =-.

  16. Michelle | Online Poster Printing Said,

    Wow, that’s 2 whole years put into quality writing and blogging, I congratulate you on this. I wish that there would be more blogversaries to come, and more power to you!

  17. Mom To The Power Of Three Said,

    Congratulations on blogging for 2 years! Blogging is a lot of fun and is a great way to meet people and share info.
    .-= Mom To The Power Of Three´s last blog ..Maple Syrup Memories =-.

  18. Dr. Ann Voisin Said,

    Congratulations on your second anniversary.

    And thank you for the recommendation regarding EconoGreen.

    I did visit their site and went right out and bought some.

    I’ll let some other lucky fan of GoalForTheGreen win the grand prize.

    Thanks for all the tips I find here always. Will continue to support your effort.

    Before you know it, we’ll be talking about your tenth anniversary.

    Dr. Ann

  19. Pasty Muncher Said,

    Two years is a mighty fine achievement – would love to read about any hiccups you had along the way – I just moved hosting – oh joy of joys.
    .-= Pasty Muncher´s last blog ..Seville A Sultry Spanish City =-.

  20. Printing Shoppers | UPrinting Coupons Said,

    Happy 2nd blog-a-versary! This is my first time to comment on your post but I have been an avid reader because I really enjoy your posts. It’s great of you to giveaway Econo-Green. I’ve been using this for quite sometime now, a very eco-friendly plastic bag :)

  21. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Theresa Cahill,

    Thanks for all the PR! :) I let you know Saturday, if you are a winner.

  22. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Sheila Sultani,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! :)

  23. Barbara Rae Said,


    Thank-You! :)

  24. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ VanillaSeven,

    Thank-You! More wonderful years and pics, to you too! :)

  25. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Smokey and I,

    Thanks for stopping in and commenting. Now that you are part of the WHB
    network, you’ll be surprised where you will be, within your first year. :)

  26. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Silvergirl,

    Well, I don’t know what type of stores are in your area, but the bags are reasonably
    priced, and you can purchase online, at the link posted. Thanks for commenting! :)

  27. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Auntie E,

    Sorry, for the tweet problem. The bags are available at most stores now, and of course, Home Depot.
    Or, you can purchase directly from the link in the post. Hope that helps. Thanks for commenting, and best of all, I’m glad you are going green! :)

  28. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Auntie E,

    I’m sorry! :(

  29. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ chin-chin,

    Thank-You so much for stopping by, and offering your congrats! :)

  30. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Michelle/ Online Poster Printing,

    Thank-You so much for your kind words! :)

  31. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Mom To The Power Of Three,

    Thank-You for sharing your kind words here! :)

  32. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Dr. Ann Voisin,

    Thank-You so much for your kind words and support. Do, let me know about
    your experience with EconoGreen trash bags. I know you are going to love them! :)

  33. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Patsy Muncher,

    Yes, I did have a not so wonderful beginning, but I won’t go into that here. Let’s just say,I wasn’t getting the results I hoped for, in my 1st six months of blogging. But, I’m not a quitter! Then, I found Whole-Hog- Blogs via blogcatalog.
    That has been among the best choices I’ve made! :)

  34. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Printing Shoppers/ U Printing Coupons,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, and offer your support and loyalty. I’m glad
    you enjoy your visits, and the content here! Also, it’s very nice of you to share your
    approval, of the EconoGreen plastic bags. Hope to hear more form you again! :)

  35. Sarah Said,

    Hi Barb! Love your blog! I wanted to share with you about reusable menstrual pads. Sister Hope is an advocate for reusable pads, instead of disposable products, and send them to girls in need.

    Check it out and keep up the good work!! :)

  36. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Sarah,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I did visit, and I admire what you are doing. Keep at it!

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  38. Chinaren Said,

    Happy second birthday to your blog! Mine has just passed 1!

  39. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Johnny cricket,

    Thanks, so much for following the content here, and the video clip.
    Hope to see you here again, soon! :)

  40. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Chinaren,

    Thank-You, and congrats to you as well! :)

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  42. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Free Green Tea,

    Thank-You for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed your read!

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  44. Barbara Said,

    @Pc Parts,
    Thank-You so much for taking the time to comment. Stop by anytime! :)