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What Do Ladybugs Eat?

May-25-2009 By Barbara Zak

Most ladybugs are voracious, mighty little predators.  They are often referred to as a “gardener’s best friend.” This is because they can effectively control garden pests that are harmful to both our vegetable and flower gardens.

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Ladybugs eat mostly aphids, (a small green soft bodied insect that thrives on plant juices), mites and scales.  All of these types of insects are harmful to many crop plants, and are considered to be serious pests to plant life in general.  Even as larva, ladybugs eat aphids, and other soft bodied insects such as mites, white flies, and scale insects that can devour a garden.  There are some species of ladybugs that can be considered as vegetarian, preferring to eat mushrooms and various forms of fungus.  Some like to dine on mildew, while others do prefer eating leaves, and may become a pest to some plants.

The majority of ladybugs, however, are not considered to be pests.  They can effectively keep a garden aphid and pest free, making them a natural and chemical free form of pest control.  In many areas they can be purchased to help keep your garden pest free.

It’s as amazing, as it is wonderful that by what this little creature eats,  it is helping us humans, by keeping the food that we grow and eat pest free!

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