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What Do Ladybugs Eat?

May-25-2009 By Barbara Zak

Most ladybugs are voracious, mighty little predators.  They are often referred to as a “gardener’s best friend.” This is because they can effectively control garden pests that are harmful to both our vegetable and flower gardens.

A ladybug standing on a leaf. Photograph taken...
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Ladybugs eat mostly aphids, (a small green soft bodied insect that thrives on plant juices), mites and scales.  All of these types of insects are harmful to many crop plants, and are considered to be serious pests to plant life in general.  Even as larva, ladybugs eat aphids, and other soft bodied insects such as mites, white flies, and scale insects that can devour a garden.  There are some species of ladybugs that can be considered as vegetarian, preferring to eat mushrooms and various forms of fungus.  Some like to dine on mildew, while others do prefer eating leaves, and may become a pest to some plants.

The majority of ladybugs, however, are not considered to be pests.  They can effectively keep a garden aphid and pest free, making them a natural and chemical free form of pest control.  In many areas they can be purchased to help keep your garden pest free.

It’s as amazing, as it is wonderful that by what this little creature eats,  it is helping us humans, by keeping the food that we grow and eat pest free!

See where the cutest ladybugs live!

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  1. VanillaSeven Said,

    Thanks for sharing the information. You let me see the ladybug with a new perspective! :)

  2. cady Said,

    i like ladybugs. they’re the only bugs that don’t scare me :) and they do a lot to help us, as you said.

  3. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ VanillaSeven,

    Your very welcome. I’m glad you see what a valuable little creature ladybugs are! :)

  4. Barbara Rae Said,

    Hi cady,

    Yes, I like them too. I like how colorful they are as well as what they do for us! :)

  5. spygrrl Said,

    Your post’s are as cute as a bug!

  6. corrin Said,

    I love lady bugs becuase they eat spiders and mosquitoes! Although I did have a neighbor once whose entire attic was infested with them and they caused a lot of damage.

    corrins last blog post..The Luckiest

  7. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ spygrrl,

    Thanks for the cute comment! :)

  8. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Corrin,

    There must have been something in that attic that was mighty tasty…LOL! :)
    Usually, they are a welcomed guest, for the pests that we don’t like!

  9. Karen Said,

    What are those brown bugs that look like lady bugs? They are driving me crazy trying to come into my house.

  10. LadyGrace Said,

    I learnt that they are good through the sims 2 haha In seasons they have garden beds and you put a post of lady bugs there to help them grow.
    I never think of them as pests thats for sure.

    LadyGraces last blog post..YouTube

  11. Barbara Rae Said,

    Hi Karen,

    I’m not sure without seeing a picture. :) Maybe, male beetles!

  12. Barbara Rae Said,

    @ Lady Grace,

    In most cases, they do more good than any harm! :)

  13. Christina thecoffeelady Said,

    I wish I had more ladybugs in my garden! I love your cafepress store! Good job!

    Christina thecoffeeladys last blog post..The GMO Bandwagon is in Town!

  14. Barbara Rae Said,

    Hi Christina,

    Thanks for the comment on my cafepress store!
    Check your local nursery, often they sell ladybugs for your garden! :)

  15. Lynn Said,

    One year we had a ton of ladybugs in the house..almost at plague level. I was told you never kill a ladybug in your house since it’s bad luck(or because really they stink! ;) ) so we just let them be and learned to live with them.

    Lynns last blog post..My New Favorite Kitchen Knife

  16. Barbara Rae Said,

    Hi Lynn,

    I hope they finally moved outdoors. I have heard that they stink though. I have never known of anybody having an indoor invasion like that. Interesting, I learned something new from you today…Thanks! :)

  17. Marc Said,

    Can anyone tell me, do lady bugs help to control a pest called a “soft brown scale bug”? These are flat-ish, oval or disc shaped insects.


  18. Barbara Rae Said,

    Hi Marc,

    Yes, I think they would help. Aphids just happen to be their favorite food, but they eat, mites, white flies, and scale bugs too. Check at your local nursery, they will be able to tell you for sure, and you could buy some ladybugs while you’re there! :)

  19. Kayzy Said,

    i luv them theyre so cute and interesting to!

  20. admin Said,

    @ Kayzy,

    Thank-You…I think so too!

  21. Genduk Said,

    Yeah, I agree they are cute animal…
    .-= Genduk´s last blog ..Begin Your Weight Loss Process Now =-.

  22. admin Said,

    @ Genduk,

    Yes, and useful too! Thanks for commenting! :)

  23. nikki Said,

    i love ladybugs and they always have been my fav bug since i was a kid. and now, i love them even more… i have a major fear of spiders and have found that when i let ladybugs into the house during the fall, the spider numbers drop. so it’s great. I have a ladybug on my wall right now that i’m watching, they are so cute. <3 them!

  24. Barbara Said,

    @ nikki,

    Nice to know another ladybug lover. Perhaps, you would like to know where
    the cutest ladybugs live. They are ones you can always have and keep from
    Barbara’s Ladybug!